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Black Truffle Melanosporum (Nero Pregiato)

Alba Royal Truffles

Black Truffle Melanosporum (Nero Pregiato)

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(Tuber Melanosporum Vittadini)

This black truffle is characterized by its dark and warty outer surface, while the flesh is black-brown with hinges of purple and red. The smell is intense and aromatic and its taste is very rich, with notes of chocolate.  

Size (weight of each single truffle): minimum 20 grams   

Availability: from December to March 

Storage: in the refrigerator wrapped with paper towels (we suggest you change these daily) inside of a closed airtight container. Consume within 5-7 days of arrival. 

Serving suggestion: grated in thin slices with a specific truffle-shaver on eggs, risotto, fresh pasta, fondue or meat.  

Recommended dose per plate: 10-15 g