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Truffle Experience

An exclusive excursion through the woods of the Langa & Roero to hunt for the elusive hypogeum mushroom. Accompany the Trifulau and his dog on a walk through the natural truffle grounds of the Langa and Roero.  

In the setting of the UNESCO Hills, you will discover the characteristics of the truffle, its history and the techniques for looking for it (and finding it). At the end of the experience, you will experience the sensation of victory when the dog finally finds the mysterious fungus. Wandering through the woods in search of truffles, whether white or black, is one of the most intense emotional experiences our region can offer. 

The meeting point is in Alba, in Piazza Monsignor Grassi n.9. From there we will move into the woods from where we will start the truffle hunt: you can reach the woods independently or you can use our transfer at an additional cost of €5 per person.