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"Il Palio degli Asini"

"Il Palio degli Asini"

One of the most eagerly awaited events held on the first Sunday in October. The programme is divided into several stages: in the morning the donkeys are assigned to the villages, in the early afternoon the spectacular medieval parade takes place, followed by the donkey race. It is also known as the Giostra Cento Torri, a name it assumed in 1952.

The Palio degli Asini today marks the opening of the fair, but, according to legend, it was run for the first time in 1275 when Alba and Asti were at war. In fact, after the defeat of the city of Langhe, the people of Asti chose to run the Palio outside the walls, as a sign of victory over the enemy.  

In their turn, the people of Alba organised a counter-palio in the city centre, but decided to run with donkeys to mock their adversaries.  

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