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International Alba White Truffle Fair

International Alba White Truffle Fair

The Truffle Fair is one of the most important appointments for the city of Alba. It is held in autumn, between the months of October and November, but it is so rich in appointments that many are organized in the days before the beginning of the fair.  

Although the event revolves around the truffle, presented in all its forms, the fair is not limited to this. There are art exhibitions, theatrical performances, concerts, markets, historical and folkloristic reenactments, activities for children and much more, which every year attract thousands of visitors from all over the world.  

The birth of the Fair  

The origin of the Alba Truffle Fair dates back to the 1920s, when, on the occasion of the 1928 Harvest Fair, an exhibition dedicated to truffles was proposed by Giacomo Morra (1889-1963). It was so successful that it was decided to turn it into a permanent exhibition, establishing at the same time a competition to award the best tubers.  

The following year the first "Fiera mostra campionaria a premi dei rinomati Tartufi delle Langhe” was organized. It was already called "Fiera del Tartufo" (Truffle Fair) by the Gazzetta d'Alba in an article published on October 17, 1929, which stated:  

"In the Cortile della Maddalena, the first Truffle Exhibition and Fair will be held on special stands. This product, truly exquisite for the delicacy of its perfume and for the beauty of its specimens, will be so worthily valorized. Said exhibition will certainly be very interesting, both for the quantity and quality of the precious tubers that will be exposed, and for the quantity of people that will come to visit it".  

Since then, the enthusiasm for this event, organized in autumn since the truffle releases at its best perfume and taste, has grown, becoming very soon a national event (1963).  

During the years, the Fair has been more and more linked to the surrounding territory, proposing all the main products of the territory and, in particular, wine. To the enogastronomical aspect have been added history, culture and tradition of local communities, today proposed in the form of historical commemorations, folkloristic shows, exhibitions, etc. organized in occasion of the Fair.  

Finally, in 2007 it became the "International Alba White Truffle Fair", today one of the most important appointments for the city, a great tourist attraction and a worldwide showcase for Langhe and Monferrato.  

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