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What is the Alba White Truffle?

What is the Alba White Truffle?

The truffle is a fruiting body of mushrooms belonging to the genus Tuber that completes its entire life cycle underground (hypogeum). It must necessarily live in symbiosis with tree plants in order to produce the precious sporocarp.

The White Truffle of Alba has a globular shape, often flattened and irregular, with a pale yellow or ochreous peridium.  

The gleba, with numerous white veins, very branched, varies from milk-colored, to deep pink, to brownish. The dimensions are variable. It is collected from late summer, during the whole autumn, until the beginning of winter. It is an absolutely spontaneous mushroom: to date, there are no cultivation techniques.  

A hunter accompanied by his dog enters the woods in search of the precious hypogeum mushroom, guided only by the animal's nose and intuition gained from years of experience. This is the most exciting moment for a truffle lover. 

The White Truffle of Alba grows spontaneously, in symbiosis with specific trees or shrubs. These areas are characterized by an extremely delicate ecological balance, to which it is necessary to dedicate attention and agronomic care.